MBBS admission in Maharashtra



All you need to know about MBBS Admission in Maharashtra


Maharashtra has been a leading destination for higher studies for a very long time. Especially, MBBS aspirants choose Maharashtra over other states for a number of important reasons. Mumbai has been known as a metropolitan and it has got a large population of English speaking educated population. So most parents and students consider Mumbai as an ideal place for higher studies, especially MBBS. Getting MBBS admission in Maharashtra has become a prestigious issue for most of MBBS aspirants in our country.

There are, indeed, certain agents or companies that take advantages of the situation and mislead students and their parents. Instead of giving proper guidance to students to get admission in the best medical colleges in Mumbai, these people simply act as commission agents for fraud institutions.


Even though there are a lot of Medical Colleges in Maharashtra, getting a genuine a straight forward counseling and guidance to get admission in mbbs is still a big challenge. For an aspiring MBBS student, it is very crucial to get detailed information about the medical admission in Maharashtra, best medical colleges in Mumbai, private medical colleges in Pune, procedures about the direct admission in mbbs etc. Moreover, he or she should know about fee or donation details, whether they are eligible for any fee concession, whether that particular medical college where they are seeking admission is duly recognized by higher authorities etc.





Any misinformation or lack of information in any of this thing may bring you trouble from totally unexpected channels. A trustworthy, experienced and professional educational consultancy can help students and their parents a lot to get through all these issues and safely enroll for mbbs admission. IIDE has been guiding and helping students to get mbbs admission in Maharashtra since 2005.


Traditionally our society always gives highest possible reverence to medical practitioners. That is one of the reason more and more students and their parents think about mbbs admission. But a dream will forever remain as a dream if it is not acted upon in the correct way. Proper guidance from qualified persons is necessary to get MBBS admission. Students will have a lot of questions as well as worries about the admission procedure.


Their parents to have a lot of thoughts mbbs admission. The most logical step would be to find the help of a professional agency who will be able to guide you through the admission process. A committed and sincere MBBS admission consultant can solve problems such as


  • Find out various MBBS institutes since each student has their own requirement, budget, etc.
  • MBBS fee details. We want to give
  • Medical admission criteria
  • MBBS eligibility
  • Course details

Their minds will have these following questions as well



  • Is NEET entrance exam is the only eligibility criteria for MBBS admissions in India?
  • Is there any MBBS direct admission in Karnataka? If so what is the MBBS direct admission fee?
  • How many medical seats are there in Karnataka?
  • Is there any specific criteria for MBBS admission in private medical colleges?
  • Is there any management quota seats? If so what is the fee for management quota fees?
  • Is there any availability for admission in MBBS without donation?
  • Is there any changes in rules for MBBS admission in 2017?


IIDE has become the most trusted and familiar face among the MBBS aspirants due to our liaising with the best medical colleges in Mumbai and best medical colleges in Pune. We have sufficient experience and expertise in making your whole mbbs admission procedure smooth and hassle free. We have so far helped thousands of students to get mbbs admission in Maharashtra. Many of them have become doctors and specialists in various specialties.


IIDE has got an impeccable track record of guiding the maximum number of students to get mbbs admission in Pune as well as mbbs admission in Mumbai. Above all, the number of new students we get through references from our previous students is a living example of our success as a mbbs consultancy.






Being an educational agency, IIDE is totally committed to transparency, professionalism and ethical dealings. Our price is highly competitive and best in the industry. We make sure to involve students or their parents in every step of the admission process. We constantly communicate clearly with the concerned parties about each step of the admission process and ensure that all are on the same page.


Since we have seen the pain of an enumerable number of students and their parents who got misguided by the fraud agencies, who paid a huge amount of money to get admission in unrecognized medical institutions, who got admission in colleges where required infrastructure and qualified faculty are totally absent.


Whenever there is an inquiry about direct admission in mbbs, first step we do is to understand the real requirement of the student, his/her location preference, their budget, their future plans about higher studies. Once we have a clear picture, we start short listing the medical colleges that suit their plan. What we really want is to act in the best interest of students and their parents. Whatever is the time and money they spend on this admission process should get them maximum benefit in return over the years. This single-minded focus on our clients has earned us the reputation of being the best educational agency of medical admission in Pune as well as medical admission in Mumbai.


Our responsibility doesn’t end with getting admission for the student. We are there for our students till he or she completes their graduation. If our students are facing any issue, we will do our best to extend our help to that student to solve that issue. If you or somebody from your relatives, friends or colleagues is thinking about getting medical admission in Maharashtra, please don’t hesitate to introduce them to us.  In fact, it can be the best help you can do to them.  Our Counselors will take utmost care to guide them to get mbbs admission in Maharashtra.