Higher education in foreign countries was a distant dream for ordinary citizen. Couple of decades ago, it was only the upper class section of the society who used to go abroad for higher studies. Getting admission for higher studies, especially MBBS aboard was simply unthinkable for most of the middles class and lower income people.

People even didn’t know what to do to get admission in foreign universities even if they have adequate resources. MBBS is, no doubt, one of the most sought after courses of higher education in India. Most of the students and their parents consider MBBS as the practical solution to a secure, safe and opulent future. An MBBS in abroad is considered a surest way to create a life without much setbacks.



Lately, European countries has become a hot destination for Indian students to pursue MBBS. Among them,  Georgia has become the most attractive destination for Medical Studies due to the following reasons.




  • The process for MBBS admission in Georgia is much simpler compared to the admission process in other countries.
  • MCI Approved/Recognized Medical colleges in Georgia are well known for their high quality education and research works.
  • MBBS in Georgia is attractive due to its fee structure. Compared to other countries fee is a lot more affordable.
  • Georgia is a peaceful region and there is not at all any threat of any wars or internal political problems.
  • Natives of Georgia are much more open and receptive to foreign students. They are more than happy to see foreign students in their educational institutes.
  • For Indians Georgia is much more attractive because Georgia is geographically closer to India than other European countries or US. It will take only less time to travel to Georgia from Indian Cities.




Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti. The capital, Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town.

Capital – Tbilisi

Currency – Georgian lari



This is, in fact, one of the most important benefits of getting an MBBS from Georgia. Students will get an internationally acceptable MBBS degree certificate. Along with that they get a chance to get familiar with latest research and technological development in medical field. Furthermore, they can be a part of that research team too. Once they graduated from such an internationally acclaimed Georgian medical college, high paying medical doctor jobs will be waiting for them in India and abroad. Hence middle class and lower income group in our country are eyeing to get MBBS admission in Georgia at low cost. Because even if they have to pay a little more for getting admission for MBBS in Georgia, it is the safest, quickest and most reliable way to get a high paying job.


This is yet another incentive for doing MBBS in Georgia for Indian students. If you have done your MBBS at Georgia, you will have more opportunities for higher education and specialization than in Indian Medical Colleges. Primarily, this is because, in Georgia, they give more important to research. Research and inventions are the integral part of MBBS program in Georgia. This is typically unheard in Indian Medical Schools where more emphasis is given to passing the exams and scoring high marks. Students get a chance to collaborate with various research teams around the world and learn from them. They equally get opportunity to contribute to ongoing research.




This is obviously the most important factor.  Students will have greater career opportunities if they complete their MBBS from Georgia.  From the initial period onwards, students are encouraged to approach their career choices seriously. Students get ample opportunities to work remotely or part time with multitudes of prestigious organizations. They even get chance to volunteer for UN or other NGOs. This might later help them to start a career with the same organizations. In Georgia, medical students are required to publish their own research paper. This will enable them to showcase their talent before their future employers.


People from all over the world folk to Georgia for higher education especially MBBS. Campuses there are a kind of global villages. People from different continents, nations, ethnicities, colors, races, languages, religions, cultures come together in Georgia for higher studies. It is a big opportunity for Indian students to interact, mingle, learn and understand this diverse world. Along with studies, this experience will broaden their vision, enrich their culture and strengthen their belief in humanity.


Being overseas MBBS Admission consultant, we have been guiding and helping students to get MBBS admission in Georgia or study mbbs in Georgia from the reputed medical schools in Georgia . When it comes to study medicine in Georgia, you absolutely need help from an experienced educational consultant like us. There is lot of details to be checked along the way and you will be easily get lot in the wilderness of technicalities if you don’t have proper guidance and help. That’s the reason, we have been helping the students and their parents to secure MBBS admission in Georgia and other foreign countries.

There are lot of scrupulous frauds here, who basically wants only to cheat students and parents. There are a number of incidents about students getting cheated by fraudulent agents or students got admission in substandard medical schools. Students and their parents should be very careful about these types of people and at any cost shouldn’t fall in their traps.

We have a procedure to get each and every student admission in reputed medical colleges in Georgia. We have a policy of open communication. We upfront inform students about what they are going to take and how much it is going to cost. It will help them tremendously because we hate ambiguity. Things should be clear to everybody evolved.

So if you are planning to do MBBS in Georgia from reputed Georgia medical schools then call us soon. We will provide you the complete information about fee structure for mbbs in Georgia and other admission related process and formalities and expenses incurred to study MBBS in Georgia. So don’t make yourself left out behind as admissions are going on full-fledged and limited seats are left for MBBS Admission in Georgia.


Benefits of Studing MBBS in Georgia


  • No Capitation or Donation Fee required for Admission.
  • No Entrance Exam Required for Admission.
  • Easy Hand simple steps for Taking Admission.
  • Low cost Fee Structure.
  • Low Cost of Living.
  • Student Get International Exposure.
  • World Class Infrastructure with High quality and worldwide accepted MBBS degree by WHO, FAIMER, MCI, European Council and AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe).
  • Degrees are accredited by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCFEQE) of Georgia which is a state agency at Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.
  • Clinical Internship in Govt Hospitals of that particular country.
  • Better Job Opportunities.
  • Advance Learning Techniques mostly given stress on practical than theory.
  • Active participant of Bologna Process and affiliated member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
  • Medical universities in Georgia are accredited in the database of International Association of Universities (IAU), the UNESCO-based worldwide association of higher education institutions.
  • Due to its tourism business, it makes Georgia as safest country to study Medicine in all over world.