A complete guide on paramedical courses that you should know

Paramedical Courses
Paramedical Rescue

Paramedical is known to be a part of medical science which covers different kinds of pre-hospital emergency services. A paramedic works in the case of an emergency and thus provides the patients with medical care.


So, if you are limited with resources and if you want to go in the medical industry, then it is advised to opt for paramedical courses after 12th.  You must have seen that nurses, pharmacists and anesthetics are the people who help out doctors during the medical treatment and hence they play a very important role in providing proper medical facility.


So, all these streams are known to be paramedical courses which don’t include the doctors. So, the next question that must be clicking in your mind is the fact that which college would be suitable for paramedical course admission.


Well, selecting good paramedical colleges in Bangalore is very important as it would help you out to shape your career ahead. But, not all the students are able to find a good paramedical college due to various reasons. So, in that scenario, you don’t need to breakdown as we can very well help you out in paramedical admission in a reputed institute.


Apart from that, here are the 3 reasons why you should select pursue paramedical courses in Bangalore.


  • Availability of good Paramedical colleges in Bangalore


Bangalore is considered to be a metro city and hence there is abundance of job opportunity available here. There are a lot of reputed colleges available in the city which offers best paramedical courses which can potentially help the students to climb on the ladder of success.


  • Availability of course


There has been scenario in which students are unable to find paramedical courses in other institutions across the city. In Bangalore, there is availability of courses in a lot of institutions and hence you can fulfill all the ambitions that you are having while studying in Bangalore.


  • Limited resources


There have been cases in which the students are limited with resources while they are living in any other city in India. In Bangalore, you can have abundance of resources and you can easily maximize the potential of it and perhaps save the extra expenses.


What are the eligibility criteria of paramedical courses after completing the higher secondary education?


The students who are willing to make the career in paramedical industry need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. There are a lot of paramedical courses list that you can opt for. So, here are the eligibility criteria to study the paramedical courses.


  • To pursue different diploma and undergraduate paramedical courses, the students would need to pass the higher education from a recognized board with 50% marks in chemistry, physics and biology as their main subjects.
  • If you are looking to pursue PG-Diploma and Post-graduate paramedical courses, then you would need to have a Bachelors degree in the science stream.

What is the admission process in Paramedical courses?


Admission in different paramedical courses in Bangalore is done on the basis of the marks that you have scored in the qualifying examination. Some of the paramedical colleges conduct their own examination or ask for a valid score in the national/state level medical entrance test examination.


  • The admission would be followed by the interview or counseling.
  • Candidates would have to meet the set eligibility criteria of the course.
  • Students would have to fill up the examination form before the scheduled deadline.


Career opportunity after pursuing the paramedical course in Bangalore


There is abundance of requirement of paramedical professionals in the current scenario. Let us have a look at some of the career opportunities after perusing the paramedical course in Bangalore.


  • Physiotherapist


The major role of a Physiotherapist is to deal with the patients having injuries and thus heal them in a right way. This also includes the treatment of fractures and ligament tears. Some of the specialization in this area is neurology, sports Physio, Clinical Physio etc.


  • Nurse


A nurse is known to be the right hand of a doctor and perhaps help him in carrying all the medical activity. As a nurse, the role is to look after the patients as well as support the doctors in operation theatres and clinics. Some of the areas of specialization of a nurse is cardiac care, orthopedics etc.


  • Pharmacist


A pharmacist is a person who deals with medicines and drugs. The major role of a pharmacist is to offer appropriate drugs to the patients as per the prescription of the doctor as well as suggest the dosage of intake. Also, he plays a major role in monitoring the recovering of the patient.


  • Radiologists


The role of the Radiologists is to take the X-Ray films of the patient. Furthermore, you could also get an opportunity to work as an X-Ray interpreter.


  • Lab technician


A lab technician is the one who collects different test samples as well as generates the test reports for the patients. As a lab technician, you can easily find jobs in private clinics, hospitals, clinical labs and biotechnology labs.



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